Lost City Books aims to remain one of the premiere independent bookstores in Washington, D.C. We wish to honor what we loved about Idle Time Books and its 36-year tenure; its impressive collection of books and ephemera; its eclectic and esoteric style; and its important role in the neighborhood as a hub for art, culture, and ideas while exploring what we can do to grow that legacy and make a dynamic and exciting space, relentlessly independent and intellectual, spirited and irreverent, a place to gather and a place to discuss ideas in Adams Morgan.

'Fare forward, you who think that you are voyaging;

You are not those who saw the harbour
Receding, or those who will disembark.

Here between the hither and the farther shore

While time is withdrawn, consider the future

And the past with an equal mind.'

To consider the past, the present and the future with an equal mind is often the purpose of literature and is certainly the story of the human condition: molded by the past, yet inevitably changed by the future. Lost City Books is a rediscovery of both, a chance to visit diverse places, ideas, time periods and experiences.
To be curious-emotionally, intellectually, psychologically-about the world, the mind, and the imagination is to be an explorer, always between shores, weighing the latest discoveries with what is tested true. Lost City Books is the place for explorers, for deep divers, who want the books they find to take them to a new horizon. We invite you to join us.


Adam Waterreus

Evan Owens-Stively